Financial Freedom, Redefined.

Do you long to break free from the tethers of conventional banking and financial planning?

Our primary goal is to help people find the road to financial freedom. Let us help you along your road via our expertise in:

Creating your own personal family bank

  • Build personal wealth
  • Become your own finance company
  • Protection from taxation
  • Protection for your family & loved ones
  • Achieve financial freedom

Retirement planning

  • Guaranteed lifetime income
  • Tax-free retirement income

Federal employee benefits planning

  • Complimentary retirement benefits analysis
  • TSP maximization
  • FEGLI analysis and alternatives
  • ROTH TSP options

Paying for college

  • The best way to save for college
  • The best way to prepare for college expenses
  • Need-based financial aid
  • Required documentation

Personal wealth accumulation

  • Capital protection
  • Guaranteed growth
  • Growing wealth to fund your life and lifestyle

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