The Infinite Banking solution: Build your own banking system

You need to have self-discipline and avoid an "instant gratification" mentality.

Use a dividend-paying whole life insurance policy.

  • Capitalize the money with discretionary income and savings.
  • Redirect money from other, less effective investments and "dormant funds".
  • Monies inside the policy grow, tax-deferred, and can be taken out tax-free (policy loans). 
  • Create a system of multiple banks that you own and control, expanding your personal wealth.

Using your own banking system

  • Use your bank instead of lending institutions for all of your financing needs.
  • Pay yourself back just like you would any other bank (same interest rates and terms).
  • You become a loan committee of one. You are the bank!
  • Your transactions will be private. No credit application required!

The benefit is recapturing the principal and interest on your purchases.

  • Interest and principal will go back into your bank, increasing its value.
  • Growth can be turned into tax-free retirement income.
  • A legacy for future generations
  • A financial education about how money works for children and grandchildren

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